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Refrigerator Repair Louisville

If your refrigerator is malfunctioning and making your life difficult, Appliance Repair KY is here to help. Usually, the life of a refrigerator is between 6-10 years. So our expert technicians are always prepared to provide a dependable service that will keep your milk or food from spoiling. Our technicians are highly qualified and are able to diagnose and fix the problems, whether small or large, to keep your appliance running to its full potential. Refrigerator repair Lousiville includes repairing broken ice maker or faulty temperature gauge. 

Also, our technicians are capable of handling every repair job with the utmost care and expert precision.

Kinds of Refrigerators We Can Repair

Our qualified technicians are properly trained in performing repairs on comprehensive forms of refrigerators. We also ensure that your refrigerator function smoothly again. The type of refrigerator we work on:

1. Top freezer refrigerators

2. Bottom freezer refrigerators

3. French door refrigerators

4. Side-by-side refrigerators

5. Compact refrigerators

6. Freezerless refrigerators

7. Counter-depth or built-in refrigerators

Most Common Refrigerator Repairs

Most of the time, it baffles us to identify whether the refrigerator needs repairing or its time to replace it. We perform an honest diagnosis and give an accurate estimate to help in determining whether it is worth considering repairing or get the appliance replaced. So, the most common repairs for refrigerator include:

1) Ice maker issue or not operating properly

2) Fridge unable to cool or to maintain temperature properly

3) It is not cooling enough, or too cold

4) Failure of door latch or broken door seal

5) Problems occurring in water dispenser or ice

6) Runs constantly without stopping

7) Makes unusual or loud noises while functioning

8) Water is leaking either inside or around the refrigerator

9) Not turning on at all

Refrigerator Repair vs. Replacement

In case you try to perform a fridge repair yourself, however, it's too complicated, or you are unable to decide the problem, call Appliance Repair KY to perform the repair. If you have recently invested in your refrigerator, the specified repairs are in all likelihood minor, such as slight changes or tune-ups. A modern refrigerator can also be returned to its full working condition by a trained professional.

But, if your refrigerator has crossed its life span and possibly suffering due to wear and tear from working tough through the years, replacement may be a more cost-effective solution. 

Refrigerators typically last for 14 years, however, if they are well- maintained throughout the time. Instead of making costly payments for repairs and maintenance to keep your refrigerator barely hanging on, invest your money in buying a new refrigerator. It is also time-saving.

Fridge Maintenance Tips

1. Make sure the fridge temperature is set between 37 to 40 degrees and for the freezer at 0 degrees.

2. Change the filters every 6 months.

3. Clean the coils to ensure they are not clogged in dust or hair.

4. Throw the old ice out at least once a month.

So as soon as you identify any issue with your refrigerator, call the refrigerator repair Louisville experts immediately. We will quickly diagnose the refrigerator's problem and identify whether it requires extensive repairs, minor tune-ups, or replacement.